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The Quality Engineer's responsibilities include designing quality standards, inspecting materials, equipment, processes, and products, developing quality control systems, and determining corrective actions.

ISO 9001:2015

IAFT 16949

ISO 9100

  • Developing and implementing quality standards.

  • Developing and implementing quality control systems.

  • Monitoring and analyzing quality performance.

  • Inspecting and testing materials, equipment, processes, and products to ensure quality specifications are met.

  • Collaborating with operations managers to develop and implement controls and improvements.

  • Ensuring that workflows, processes, and products comply with safety regulations.

  • Investigating and troubleshooting product or production issues.

  • Developing corrective actions, solutions, and improvements.

  1. Degree in quality, industrial, or mechanical engineering.

  2. ASQ certification preferred.

  3. 2+ years of experience in quality engineering, quality assurance, or a similar role.

  4. Experience coding and using QA software tools and processes.

  5. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  6. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

  7. Excellent project management skills.


Position Available

Mechatronics Engineers use a combination of mechanical, electronic, and computer engineering to improve the production of goods. They scrutinize existing processes and designs and make recommendations for improvement. Mechatronics Engineers also develop new products and present reports.



  • Designing, developing, and enhancing electro-mechanical systems and mechatronic devices.

  • Creating automated systems and the software to control them.

  • Conducting research, documenting findings, and presenting reports at meetings.

  • Developing design documents for mechanical parts and final products.

  • Identifying areas of weakness in the production line or finished products and making recommendations for improvement.

  • Understanding problems or client briefs and developing solutions that satisfy them.

  • Selecting the required tools and materials for the manufacturing process.

  • Assisting with recruitment, onboarding, and training of junior Engineers or Apprentices.

  • Attending workshops, training sessions, and conferences to network with others and stay on top of field advancements.

  1. BSc in Mechatronics Engineering or similar.

  2. A completed apprenticeship or additional courses would be advantageous.

  3. Strong mathematical, analytical, and creative thinking skills.

  4. Ability to work in a team or alone.

  5. Self-starter with a passion for Engineering.


Position Available

The Manufacturing Engineer's responsibilities include identifying areas for improvement, maintaining high levels of manufacturing and product quality, designing new products and processes, as well as ensuring cost-efficiency and conformance with regulatory standards.



  • Evaluating existing manufacturing processes and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Determining problem resolutions and implementing improvements.

  • Developing detailed layouts for equipment, processes, and workflow.

  • Researching and developing new processes, equipment, and products.

  • Developing and implementing cost-saving measures and quality control systems.

  • Ensuring manufacturing processes, equipment, and products comply with safety standards and legal regulations.

  • Maintaining research and activity documentation and preparing reports.

  1. Degree in manufacturing, industrial, or mechanical engineering required.

  2. 2+ years of experience in manufacturing or industrial engineering preferred.

  3. Experience evaluating and troubleshooting manufacturing processes and machinery.

  4. Experience using CAD, CAM, data analysis programs and related software.

  5. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

  6. Strong organization and management skills.

  7. Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

  8. High level of technical expertise.

  9. Strong analytical thinker.


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